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Love my Side Kick, awesome product. This thing paid for itself in one fishing trip. Get one now it will be the best retriever you ever used.

Awesome product! We have used it many times to retrieve lures from below and above the water. Also great to use as a push pole. This product is extremely durable, strong and has saved us a lot of money by getting all our lures back plus some that were in trees. Great product to have in your boat!

Got my Side Kick last Spring. Used it for a year now, Best lure retriever I have ever used. I really like the easy on and off the line option as well as Side Kick's use as a push pole.

Sent my wife to a craft show in Glendale, Ky. I spent the day smiling while fishing at my favorite fishing hole. When she got home later that night she handed me a Side Kick. Skeptical, I went out and watched a few of Tony’s videos. Looked interesting so I grabbed a paint pole out of the garage and gave it a try. All I can say is unbelievable, best retriever I have ever used. I will never give my wife heck for going to craft shows again.

I was watching the WFN network, saw the ad and knew I needed one of these. I thought I placed my order thru PayPal but I didn't complete the purchase. Not knowing this, I call Side kick looking for my retrieval tool. Tony called me back and said they didn't have an order from me but he was sending out the 16' tool ASAP. 3 days later I received the tool. In today's world you don't find many people like Tony willing to do that. Looking forward to fishing season, my buddies will be happy I have this very heavy duty tool, on my boat!

I have one of these also. I bought it from Tony a couple of years ago at Lake Greenwood Tournament. Works Great! It has saved several of my lures.

Awesome product. I’ve been using it all summer now and it has saved me a lot of money. No more losing those high-dollar crank baits. Great Job Tony. I recommend the Side Kick for any angler.

This is going to save anyone who uses it a lot of money and baits. It will even get you out of trouble when you find a tree LOL. Great product, this really works. I recovered my crank bait in seconds. Well done and great for any fisherman.

I been using the Side Kick for more than a year now and continually been amazed at the fact that in all of my fishing trips and many bass tournaments that I have never lost a lure yet. Resulting in hundreds of dollars savings. Also, this unit is so sturdy that I can use it as a push pole. I know it has save me at least one prop. If you are teaching a young kid to fish, this is a fantastic device to have in your boat. Seems like I have used it a lot getting baits out of trees. Once you use this, you will never leave home with out it.

All I can say is WOW! This thing is everything it calms to be. Been using it for several months and saved a lot of baits. Also recovered a rod and reel. Just love the fact that it does not attach to the line and can quickly change over to a push Pole. Would never leave home with out it. Tony, not sure how you came up with the idea but I am sure glad you did.

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